EAT St J's 


We have almost every provision to ensure that you can rustle up delicious dinners in your own kitchens at home. Breakfast, lunch and dinner options are all available. Our deli includes many locally made products that we use in our own kitchen, Local Honey Man honey, Wood Street Coffee, Today Bread and more.

Let us do it for you

Need a night off from thinking about what to cook, cooking and cleaning up? We have pre-prepared meals for  you to eat  at home. The menu changes on a daily basis and tend to go like hot cakes!

18-20 St James St, 


London, E17 7PF

Let's be friends and have pancakes

Opening Hours

for collection and takeaway only



WEDNESDAY 10am-3pm

THURSDAY 10am-3pm

FRIDAY 10am-3pm

SATURDAY 10am-3pm

SUNDAY 10am-3pm 020 8520 5616

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