Vegan | Organic | No Chemicals Bath oil 100ml Based on scents of vetiver, clary sage & lavender with hints of warming soulful cirtrus and precious wood essential oils. The ultimate mindful soul ritual. Dissolve the day: add up to two pipettes to the bath & massage into damp skin, or massage the oil directly on to dry skin | shower off. The soothing sense of touch provides a unique ritual of self nourishment & appreciation, a conversation with your soul. Massage mindfully the beautiful skin that holds you. A unique blend of organic cold pressed sweet almond oil & organic | ethical essential oils. The bath oil is combined to hold healing, grounding & anti-inflammatory properties. Oils are created and stored in amber glass bottles. Amber bottles protect the oils naturally, increasing shelf life without the need for chemicals or preservatives. Glass is better for the environment, it's sustainable and recyclable. For external use only. Keep out of reach of children. Consult a health care provider before using whilst pregnant. Patch test before use.

A Conscious Edit - Bath Oil


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