he question in Issue 2 is - �Disruptors or Dreamers?� have we indicated the dreamers amongst the disruptors of the world? We have spoken to a cross section of modern founders and creators all with an open mind. We seek to know the truth in their present and future intent. What gets them up in the morning, what their product is truly about and if they�ll remain at the helm. Each issue is litho printed, size 17 x 24 cm. Features include: Elon Musk�s Mission Marjan Van Aubel, Founder Caventou Meg & Rosie, Co-Founders B�hler + Co Emmanuelle Moeglin, Founder Experimental Perfume Club Emma Sibley, Co-Founder London Terrariums Robert Poll & Durrell Bishop Co-Founders Line-Us Tom Evans, Founder Bleep Bleeps Joseph Welstead, Founder Motion Nutrition

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