Honest skincare - Nourishing Scent Mist With palma rosa and petitgrain is like a cuddle in a bottle. It is the perfect product for use within your home or to spray on the body for a feeling of nourishment. Our de-stress mist on the go is free from synthetic ingredients and we don't use any perfumes, only pure organic essential oils. Directions: Shake well and mist into the atmosphere or use on the hair and body. Ingredients and their benefits: PALMA ROSA: Helps to soothe a tired mind while having an uplifting effect. PETITGRAIN: Restorative to the brain and supports memory. THYME: Reduces restlessness, increases concentration for great brain power. LEMON: Mood uplifter, purifier and cleanser. BERGAMOT: Gives you a feeling of comfort and happiness.

Honest skincare - Nourishing scent mist